20 August, 2010

Back to Gym

20th, August, 2010.

Four months after, I stepped into gym. Each gym friends felt I left the company. I was lost the sync to gym after my sister's marriage. Earlier I was regular about two years.

Body is badly... paining. Now I took resolution not miss a single day.

Am I right?

20th, August 2010

Am I right?
Yes, because why I am. If I know that I am wrong, I would have corrected myself. I will not know that I am wrong till I know I am wrong. Confusing, infact I too!
Every one of us thinks that we are correct. We won’t know we have to change till we change (‘we’ – I mean ‘our thoughts’). Let us take an example. Say, two people are arguing, they will continue till one wins (note that discussion is different from argument). They will realize they won the argument and lost everything when they realized. Unfortunately, we can see these arguments between a couple and mostly the male wins (I have seen such quarrels in my village). If we can think from other’s perspective the argument would turn into discussion, and above all, both will be contented.
What ever we might have thought 10 years ago, may not be seems to be correct now. So, if it takes 10 long years for small change, what extent we live our ‘unique life’. World is moving much faster than us. I believe no one perfect in this nature, time will answer all. Think before preaching a word. It may spoil our great value in other’s opinion, especially when talking with dears.
Every person has self respect, recognize it. Thanks to my brother.

19 August, 2010

Active Time

18th August, 2010

I put up in village during my childhood. I am staying in cities from past 14 years. Though every life style has its pros and cons, I am concerned about active time that a person cares in city.
I recently moved to new campus called Orion near Intel office due to team relocation (Earlier it was 5 min walk from my room J). Past few days I observed the cab taking more than an hour both to and fro. For my case it is optimum when I compare people who are traveling more than 4 hrs per day.
Assuming spending 2 hrs (up and down) per day in journey, per month it is about 40 hrs. Wow! One week of active time that we used to spend in office, gone just as journey. It means we will be wasting about ¼ of month on every month. Per year how much, and entire career??? Where we are? All this wastage is Active Time, one can do something useful.
No one cares… Every one wants hail to city. We will only recognize time value in emergency. Unknowingly we rush in every activity. But it is how city life is.
Is there any solution? Simple. Society won’t change, but we can . Read something (don’t make it habit, reading during journey is not suggested), listen to ethical stories or some technical speeches, think an algorithm, many… may be public is much smarter.

17 August, 2010

People Whom I Admire – Kalam

17th August, 2010
About 4 laks years ago a person respected a fictitious promise made by his father and went to forests for 14 years. He was none other than Lord Rama who became lord to almost one billion people. That is the kind of respect Rama had at his father Dhasaratha.
We can find such Ramas even in these days. The story collected from a tabloid of regional language. Dr. Kalam is one such person. Read the book Wings of Fire to understand Kalam’s childhood environment. Just read on…