01 November, 2011

Stupid papers, I hate them, but I am part of the society

1-11-11 ---- 1 November 11
All ones will repeat on 11 November too.
An year ago, I wrote a note about occurrence of date 10-10-10. Is it different from usual days? Yes, definitely. For pseudo intelligent people it is great opportunity to play with public.
I know few people who insist on multiples of 9 at any cost. Many of them hate 8. When NTR passed away, one Pandith written an article in a Telugu daily, collecting pros and cons of NTR life related to numerology. I heard that he became millionaire later time.
Believe in yourself.

31 October, 2011

Focus, Faith and Hope

Few days ago when Nokia Lumia series announced, I watch an internal video (I can't disclose it as it is confidential, but it is inspiring) on Nokia intranet. Our CEO Stephen narrated an excellent real story of a Finn happened few years ago. The Finn who was new to Olympics long run competition, fell down onto grass after few min. Interestingly he stood up, and ran at consistent speed and finally own the race. Time will answer how Nokia can (re)win the smart phone race.
I recap similar video, have a look (thanks to HTML5)

There are plenty of people who regained their success.

06 October, 2011

Tribute to Steve

After four months gap, with a lament face on the eve of Dussara, writing the post. Even though it is Dussara, lament … because due to loss of legendary Steve Jobs.

Watch his inspirational speech at Stanford commencement, an excellent quote from his speech, “Don’t loose faith, I love what I did, You got to find, what you love. And that is true for your work as it is for your lovers”.

On M. K. Gandhi’s death, an American author wrote “it was the best way of Mahatma preaching us”. Steve’s three stories are no less, every story is a lesson. He sought an opportunity every time he needs to face failure (?).

Steve, we miss you physically, but you are with us as long as technology survives.

01 May, 2011

Ooops - Finally on to Facebook :)

1 - May - 2011
I was reluctant to Facebook and kind of social networking. Recently I read a post on Gulli blog that facebook is uniquely depending on open source software. I read few articles on http://www.facebook.com/Engineering and decided to have an account. It also helping in keeping track of my friends. It is interesting to note that Facebook depending on Bing results of Internet search. Thank you, Facebook.
It is fun to know the data center design of Facebook. Handling such large amounts of data, really amazing. Earlier I was very impressive with the thought of Twitter, which stem from struggle some situation of a company. Twitter's fast way of news propagation was attracted me to have an account. I was also impressed by the technology behind Twitter (Scala, Lift and Hadoop), a team of just 150 people created all.
Friends ? shake your hand on http://www.facebook.com/ramanawithu.

26 April, 2011

A Response to "Dumb World" - "stupid minds"

My friend Rajesh recently posted on "Dumb World". I don't think world is that much dumb, it is even smarter than what we think. My comments are here and here.
Seer and Babas: Every coin will have head and tail, unless manipulated, so is Baba. What ever he preached, adopt only that suits your personality. "Love your parents", "Spread your love to co-human", and many more nice words were preached by him. The same thing also said multiple times by Kalam and others, but why they don’t get such attention?
I also remembered some strange statements, "today I will appear in moon", "I will re-born on so and so date", "Because god exists, there are two opinions of god, otherwise everyone would say no-god"… what a logical conclusion. For a mathematician, it is 50-50 probability on existence of god, but for a devotee only the first 50% will appear, their mind won’t be in a position to think about other 50%.
I don’t believe in reincarnation. Let us leave that topic to novel writers, and other seers.
A Story of Street Child: Dr. Manihara
In few cities, it is easy to gather street children, and forming groups among them. These kids forming groups like chain batch, blade batch, some bla – bla batch… and involving in illegal activities. If no one cares at them, the society would see turning all these into professional gangs.
But there are kind enough people.
How many of us aware of non-profit organization "Sri Krishna Chaitanya Vidyavihara (SKCV) Children’s Trust"? The story behind SKCV is inspiring.
SKCV was formed by a person called Matthew William who was born in 1953, Manchester in England. Mathew himself was a runaway child and had experienced the pain and anguish of being left uncared on streets for many years.
Some how, Mathew had great opinion at Indian culture. In worst conditions, he reached India and managed to get citizenship. He felt lament nights after looking at these street children. SKCV was started to protect these orphan (sorry for the word orphan, no one is orphan in this world) children. Later he changed his name to "Manihara" and married an Indian woman.
Unfortunately he passed away in 2009 due to osteoporosis. Still SKCV activities are going on well. If any one willing to visit SKCV, see their website.
Now, do you think Dr. Manihara is any way less than Babas? Why people failed to recognize Manihara, who acted upon than simply preaching? My thought is that many of us needs some emotional dependency, and even don't dare to think against the word God.
Common man requires some kind of dependency on others, let it be Baba, God, or even Mother. We won’t recognize parent’s value, because they are nearer to us, and they may not be as good as Babas in talking power. If we observe, those at celebrity level, political level, and many more are the sincere devotees of these Babas. Even Dr. Kalam allocated one chapter in his "Wings of Fire" as "Learning from Seers". Nothing wrong in adopting good values, who ever preach them.
I am against to "వ్యక్తి పూజ" (prising a person spiritually). I don’t encourage any emotional dependency, let it be on God or Seers. It is my opinion, your opinion might be different. Opinions won’t change due to arguments. Adopt what you like and what makes you happy should be our policy.
The Gift to Baba:
Dear "Baba" we will all missing you, but not what you preached. Adopting and practicing what ever wellness you taught to society is the best gift that we can give it to you.
(Y)our thinking is our path, shape it well.

20 April, 2011

The Modern Action of Legacy (?) Women

20, April 2011
I read a news article in Eenadu today. It is about change of thought, so posting here.
A women was regularly harassed by her husband. She waited for a change in the husband behaviour, but no hope. As a reaction, the vexed women pored less concentrated acid into her husband mouth. Good to know that she surrendered to police after the incident.

Though some violence involved in the incident, I look at it, as sign of change of thought.
Many of us reluctant to accept change management. Because we are in comfort zone with the present way of thinking, is it called the peter principle?

12 April, 2011

శ్రీరామనవమి - A wonderful day to celebrate at my village

April 12, 2011
Today is Sreeramanavami, the wedding anniversary of lord Sita-RamaIn childhood, it was very exciting to celebrate this day, as we (all the villagers) go to bath in river Krisha along with lord Sita-Rama statue. Everyone prises the way Sita-Rama lived on the Earth.
The other side of the coin.
Do you think Ravana is such a bad person? How many of us aware, Rama sent Lakshmana to Ravana at his last minute of life, to learn ethical values. The only draw back of Ravana was lack of self control, week at woman. Otherwise he should be on the top of all the gods.
Was Sita really happy all over her life?
As far as I know, Smt. Sita was the only one women who had worst struggle. She hardly spend time with Rama except during those 14 years. But, we praise their life, we adopt them as best couple. Certainly, they are best couple (I too believe in that fact), as per social limitations about 4 lack years ago.
I am not criticizing the way Rama lead life, nor, accepting him as he preached. One can learn a lot from his life. Change is inevitable , we follow the same customs built thousands of years ago. And reluctant to accept change. ఎందుకంటె అదంతే, ("why because it was like that").
See the five monkey's experiment about human psychology.
However Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the best ethics in the world. It is upto the human to understand them and adopt.

10 April, 2011

Anna Hazare - Thank you

Apr 10, 2011

Anna Hazare, a 70 year old young man. Time will answer the result of "Jan Lokpal Bill". But some one need to be proactive. As citizen of the country I fully support the young man Hazare, who inspired from the trio, Bhagaht Singh, Raj Guru and Sukdev. The trio were executed at the age of just 21. They left great fragrance on the Indian society. Though  I don't encourage violence, we must learn from the kind of commitment from the trio.

India, teaching and preaching to the world unity-in-diversity. I am proud to be Indian. No country except India realized the emphasis of RTI. Now Jan-Lokpal.

There are many problems in the country, but the kind of development achieved in just 60 years, must be appreciated. Change is inevitable. RTI and JLP (janlokpal) are critical weapons on the future direction of the democracy in the country.

I am happy that the key people behind RTI are also participating anti-corruption movement. People like Aravind, Kiranbedi, Sandeep Pande, Agnivesh, Arunarai are few to name. Read Sandeep Pande article on Eeenadu (archive on 9th April, under "వ్యాఖ్యానం").

Grate lawyers and excellent narrators like Jatmalani, Kapil Sibal must use their law-expertise for society than for politics.

20 February, 2011

What makes us different?

20th, February 2011
What makes us different? I believe in that every person is unique, and smart enough. What makes them different or unique!
Our passion makes us unique. The passion in doing contended work makes us different. Whatever may be the profession, if the person is passionate in doing it, that can bring the difference. Let, others think whatever they want, it doesn't matter, it is just their opinion, neither need to be correct. If we (we - I mean the person and the people closely connected to him, probably the circle is limited) are happy, we need not concern at others comments.
An example Sudarsan Pattnaik is an expert (perhaps the first person) in sculpting images on sand. He is now well know due to his art, even though financially not much worth. Passion driving him?
Another example is Naveen Kumar, a flute player. There are many classical tunes from him flute. The one (Fluid song) from Maya's Lounge is my favorite. Ofcourse there are many excellent tunes, especially from Rahman's direction. Passion or enjoyment in playing flute?
Fame is one side of the coin. If it happens to see any musical presentations, see the kind of enjoyment that the artist is experiencing. I am jealous in this sense. Devi Sri prasad's violin play also very inspiring.
Sachin is another best example, in enjoying the work what he is doing. One must see the professional play that he played against Pakistan in world cup 2003. Every shot he played was a master piece, and more over, he enjoyed them, we can see that in his body language.
Thanks to my parents, for putting me up with complete freedom.

26 January, 2011

నా ఇష్టం - An autobiography

26, Jan, 2011
Recently I traveled to home town and during journey finished a book "నా ఇష్టం", an autobiography of RGV, a famous director.
It happed to see the book in stands, and unintentionally pick the copy, glanced at the contents and read his mother article. Later paid the money to own the book.
Earlier, some how I don't have soft corner at him. After reading the book, I felt better to stick to my previous  opinion. Because I like, hate him. అది నా ఇష్టం.
It is not easy to accept his thought process, because it is truth, and we are reluctant to accept it. After reading his mother article, I decided to watch his movies (last watch of his movie, I guess అనగనగా ఒక రోజు).
All the best Ram ji, you are special. I learned few things from you. Thanks for the book.